Did the Unkindness Come Before the Murder or After?

I had left Netflix alone for a day or two to stream whatever it wanted in the background as I worked and boy oh boy did I hear something: a flock of ravens is called an unknindess.

Well damn, I’ll be. 

We have a flock of Crows being called a Murder and a flock of Ravens being called an Unkindness. How fucked up was everyone that they just kept pointing at birds and being like asshole name #1 and asshole name #2. Seriously, humanity. I really like these birds. They’re adorable. Now, I have to say oh, those are some cute unkindness as well as oh, those are some adorable murders. It’s too much. Even as an angsty writer, I can say this is too much!

Anyways, I’m restarting the podcast over by scratch and the theme of this first episode was actually something said during another Netflix background Show, Criminal Minds (Season 1): You don’t need a gun to kill people.

Now, I am 100% aware that this is a very morbid and dark overtone to what is supposed to not be a very morbid and dark occasion. I swear it is purely coincidence this time. Not even a funny one to me. But they do hit a certain similar ring, and maybe that’s a good sign?

Look Forward To It:

This Saturday [ 7/25 ] will be the relaunch of my tester season for the podcast The Crows Nest.



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