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Hi guys and welcome to The Crows Nest!

So I talk a lot about this mysterious podcast idea and how much people are always like you need to do this. Well, behind everyone’s backs I did record a Season 1 of a podcast. It is very rough and not so great, but it definitely allowed me to get the feeling of what a podcast really was.

I will be posting the season here on this site, a total of twenty episodes. It will be up for commentary and review. If you like it and have suggestions I will go ahead and move forward with a better second season. If it was awful and it just needs to be said to my face that works too!

The Crows Nest Co was originally a site I had bought in the past to be a future review site or merch site for my future endeavors, That being said, all Knights Publications and I.L. Knight related goods will be available here as a merch store will be coming in the upcoming weeks.

Successful personal podcast or not, I’d love to have any podcasters who don’t have a site of their own yet to post their stuff here. If you do reviews or anything ‘nerdy’ you would be a wonderful fit to the site.

That’s it for now!

I.L. Knight

** Feature Image By narubono on Unsplash **
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